Women & Snoring

Many harmful stereotypes exist regarding snoring. Not only are they untrue, but they may also contribute to shame and embarrassment, which prevents patients from seeking treatment. Most commonly, snoring is associated with males, and people who are overweight. However, many people who are physically fit suffer from snoring. Of the 90 million Americans who snore, about one third of them are women. You are not alone.

Snoring is generally related to an anatomic problem, not gender or hygiene. However, after menopause, women are at just a high risk of developing sleep apnea as men. Though you should not be ashamed of snoring, you should take the condition seriously. Women who snore are more likely to suffer daytime sleepiness, heart disease, cardiac complications, and stroke. Dr. Blalock will help you understand, diagnose, treat, and manage your snoring and associated problems.


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