Sleep Testing

We are able to offer Sleep Testing through Rest Assured. They offer the following: Free Assessment, Telehealth Visit, Home Sleep Study, and  will discuss your Results and help you choose the best therapy for your sleep breathing concerns.

Directions to get tested:

Scan the QR code above or visit

Fill out the questionnaire and hit submit.

Enter your email to get your score then click on “Take the Next Step”.

Choose self-pay or insurance. (If you are not sure, choose insurance. They will give you guidance.)

Fill out your personal and insurance information.

Next, the restAssured team will verify your insurance benefits and call you to discuss your out-of-pocket costs. They will help you decide which route (insurance or self-pay) is better for you.

After visiting with their team, they will send you a payment request by email. Once paid, you will be able to schedule your visit with one of their sleep medicine providers, licensed in South Carolina.

During the TeleMed visit, a restAssured provider will help you determine if a sleep study is right for you. If so, a home sleep test will be ordered and shipped directly to you. Your sleep medical provider will instruct you on how to proceed.